Processing Tweets

What are Processing Tweets?

Processing Tweets (PT) are small programs that are created in the Processing Language that can be sent out on Twitter as a tweet. This means that the program has to be under 280 characters.

Originally, Processing Tweets were required to be under 140 characters but due to Twitter changing the character limit to 280 this is now not the case. I think that writing a program under 140 characters is still a valid challenge so I have added a classification for them to be called Processing Tweets Classic (PTC).

How can I play them?

You are able to play them by following either of the two options.


float i,s;void setup(){size(500,500);rectMode(3);}void draw(){fill(255,10);translate(250,250);rotate(sin(i+=.01)*i);rect(0,0,s%=500,s--);}

float i=0,j=0,w=1920,h=1080,r=255;int k=0;size(1920,1080);background(0);noStroke();while(i++<w*h/8){fill(sin(i)*r,cos(i)*r,(sin(i)/cos(i))*r,50);rect(i%w,i*8/w,sin(i)*10,cos(i)*10);ellipse((w/2)+sin(i)*100,(h/2)+cos(i)*100,i%40,i%40);}

float i,s=250;void setup(){size(500,500,P3D);noStroke();}void draw(){fill(i,i*2%s,i*3%s);rotate(sin(i));translate(i%=500,i+=.5);box(i%200);}